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Recovery services in a Sober Living environment

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a. A screening and assessment process is required before program entry. All potential residents will be interviewed and screened by intake coordinator.

b. A six-month program commitment is required by all prospective residents.

c. A 90 meeting in 90-day AA/NA attendance is required by all prospective residents. (Specifically, a meeting a day for 90 days.)

d. Resident overnight passes will be granted after completion of the first 30 days.
Conditions of passes include being current with fees, in good standing with regards to curfew, chore, inside and outside meeting compliance. Weekend passes will be available after completion of 60 days of residency written completion of the first 3 Steps of AA with a sponsor. A urine analysis will be mandatory upon return from overnights.

e. Completion requires 6 month of continuous clean time evidenced by 6 months of clean UA tests, leaving in good standing and current with his fee obligation, and completion of the 12 steps of AA, NA, CA, etc.
a. Residents are expected to be gainfully employed by the end of the first 30-day commitment. A full-time, Monday through Friday, daytime schedule is required. (Minor variations of a weekday work schedule will be considered.)

b. Exceptions are allowed for residents attending school and/or participating in a weekly 20-hour volunteer commitment, attending outpatient treatment, or on disability. In these cases, Fees are expected to be paid on schedule.

c. Information about vocational training resources is available. Referrals are available for anyone who is looking for employment, school, job training or career change. Referrals for clothing for interviews are available.

d. Any resident who loses his job while in the house has one week to find new employment. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Directors and the house manager.

e. Failure to seek and find employment within a reasonable time, and inability to pay fees will result in dismissal from program.
a. A $250.00 entrance fee is required to enter the program. Fee for service is determined on a sliding scale. ($825-$1500). All fees collected are NON-REFUNDABLE. Monthly fees are due no later than the first day of each month, if not prorated, on the designated due date.

b. Fees not paid by 10:00 p.m. on the due date will result in a 3 day notice to pay. Fees collected after the due date are subject to a $25.00 late charge. Fees not paid by the end of the 3rd day are grounds for expulsion from the program.

c. Borrowing or lending money is not permitted among residents.
a. Residents are required to bring towels, bedding (sheets, pillow cases, blankets) toiletries, and laundry detergent. Residents provide their own food.

b. All residents are expected to act in an honorable and trustworthy manner. Theft or dishonesty is not tolerated. Dismissal from the program is immediate upon violation of this code.

c. Residents are responsible for their personal belongings.

d. MSM, its directors and staff are not responsible for lost and/or stolen items.

e. Only one registered, working vehicle is allowed per resident. Valid Driver’s license required to have car on premises.
a. A minimum of 72 hours of abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol is required directly prior to admittance to the program.

b. Random substance screening is part of the program.

c. Complete and total abstinence from drugs, alcohol or any other mind altering substance is required. (Exceptions may be made for prescription medications for diagnosed mental illness at the director’s discretion.)

d. At no time will the use or possession of alcohol and/or drugs be tolerated in the house. Any resident found to supply drugs to another will be terminated.

e. Dismissal from the program is immediate if residents are found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, on or off the premises.

f. A resident who has successfully completed a minimum of 72 hours at a detox facility can petition for re-admission to the house, which will be either approved or denied, subject to the directors’ discretion.

Day TimeSubject Group Leader
Sun8:45p-9:45 p.m.House Business/Process GroupHouse Management
Mon6:30-7:30In-House NA MeetingDave W.
Tues6:30p-7:30pLiving SoberDavid M.- Alumni
Wed6:30p-7:30pRecovery GroupTBA
Thurs6:30p-7:30pBig Book StudyCalvin and Johnny- Alumni
Fri6:45p-7:45pIn-House AA MeetingJoe Y. and Danny C.

a. All residents are required to volunteer, weekly, for a certain number of household chores, depending on the total house population.

b. If those chores are not completed in a timely and satisfactory manner, that resident will be given one strike. A total of 3 strikes are grounds for dismissal from the program.

c. Self-responsibility and the respect and consideration of others will be demonstrated by consistently doing chores as scheduled, and cleaning up after oneself at all times.
8. HOUSE VIOLATIONS: Violations of the following requirements are reported to probation, parole, or the court. (if court ordered or if entry is a condition of your probation/parole.)
a. All residents will maintain a respectful attitude while living at MSM.

b. Group confidentiality is maintained under all circumstances.

c. All visitors will socialize on the main floor of the house only and not in any of the bedrooms. No guests allowed after curfew and all guests must be cleared by staff. Any guest can be asked to leave, guest policy can be modified by house management to fit the needs of the residents.

d. No borrowing money, cars, or personal property from each other.

e. Honest and direct communication is required of all residents.

f. Curfew is Sunday-Thursday at 11 p.m., and Friday and Saturday at midnight. Failure to come home is grounds for immediate dismissal from program. Infractions of tardiness will result in a warning, followed by a strike. 3 strikes will result in dismissal from program.

g. Verbal or emotional abuse, physical violence, or threats of violence will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal.

h. Stealing is grounds for immediate dismissal.

i. Using drugs or alcohol on or off the premises is grounds for immediate dismissal. Supplying residents with drugs will result dismissal.

j. MSM adheres to a three strike policy for non-compliance with house policies. A verbal warning followed by three strikes will result in dismissal from the Program.

k. Damage to any property or structure at MSM will be repaired, replaced, or paid for by the resident.

l. Random Urinalysis is a mandatory program requirement, and refusal to submit within 2 hours of request is considered a dirty test resulting in dismissal, or leaving the house and going to Detox for a minimum of 72 hours at the directors discretion.
a. All residents taking prescription medication must inform MSM of the type of medication, and the diagnosis for which the medication is prescribed.

b. Any “over the counter” medication must be cleared by MSM staff.

c. Any and all approved medications are to be stored in the lockers provided by MSM, and will be monitored by staff. MSM will provide locks for lockers. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal from MSM.

d. Substances strictly forbidden include any narcotics, tranquilizers, stimulants, sedatives, and cough remedies (prescription or otherwise) which contain alcohol or mood altering drugs. Use of such without advising staff of situation is grounds for immediate dismissal.

e. Since the presence of mood altering substances is often difficult to detect, it is required that all medication be cleared by MSM staff.

f. Secret self-medication or possession of non-approved medications are grounds for immediate dismissal from MSM.

g. Only non-addictive, non narcotic pain medication are permitted. We recommend and accept Suboxone (Buprenorphine HCL) as a pain medication.
a. A T.B. test is required upon admittance into the program.

b. Residents are required to inform MSM staff of all illness. The staff will assist in making arrangements for medical attention and medication if necessary. The staff will also take precautions to protect the household from communicable viruses.