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Recovery services in a Sober Living environment

About Marin Services for Men

Marin Services for Men is a community-based, group-oriented, residential setting supporting clean-and-sober living guided by the 12-Step Model. Our program is based on the understanding that the 12-Step Model is the single most successful approach to addiction recovery.

Our program provides food, shelter and recovery services. In addition, program services include:

  • individual consultation
  • group discussion and process
  • addiction education
  • family involvement
  • AA meetings on site
  • recreational activities
  • vocational referrals
  • assistance in obtaining and using community resources

Marin Services for Men provides a healthy, sober environment to help ensure maintenance of continuous sobriety. The program is self-governed by the individuals in residence. They are responsible for their own sobriety. It is expected that all members of our community assume responsibilities in running the day-to-day household duties.

Our staff will provide guidance and support and be involved in the readiness of each resident's ability to participate in household responsibilities.

A spirit of trust is the guiding element in developing and sustaining a healthy sober community.

How our Program Works

We provide the support of a surrogate family structure in which the residents are able to regain personal responsibility for their lives. Mentorship from alumni and individuals with long-term recovery serves to provide our residents with the tools necessary to achieve and maintain on-going "clean" time and sobriety. We believe in the unparalleled value of one addict helping and supporting another. This access to peer support from successful men in recovery empowers our residents through role-modeling the appropriate attitudes and behaviors necessary to achieve permanent, long-term recovery.

Our Mission

Marin Services for Men seeks to improve the quality of the lives of adult men and their families who are adversely affected by dependence on alcohol and/or drugs, by providing services and housing in a clean, safe, and supportive sober living environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a clean, safe, and nurturing environment combined with the delivery of practical skills and coping strategies in order to develop and maintain a healthy sense of self. We seek to empower men to take responsibility for their recovery, attain self-reliance, and be of service to others. We strive to reunite men with their families, enter their communities free from chemical dependency, and achieve and maintain the productive lives of their choosing.

Our Board of Directors

The Marin Services for Men Board of Directors (Governing and Advisory Board segments) is comprised of people of varied backgrounds and experience with recovery. Find out who is involved in Marin Services for Men with this list of our Board of Directors.

Our Management

Lindsay Ferguson, Program Director, is a former resident of the program, who has since received a Graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University. Lindsay has worked in the drug and alcohol counseling field in Marin for the past 15 years serving at Marin Services for Men, Serenity Knolls, and Family Service Agency of Marin. He is currently a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) with a private practice in San Rafael. Lindsay interned at MSM in 1996 while obtaining a degree in Psychology.

Tera Ferguson will apply her experience in business administration as the Executive Director of MSM. Tera was the founder, partner, general manager, music director and business administrator of the Cafe’ Amsterdam in Fairfax for the past 9 years. She currently owns the Sleeping Lady Café in Fairfax, CA. A 5th generation Bay Area native, Tera has strong ties to the community.